SPA Technique Extreme SFI10 10-lb Novec 1230 SFI Suppression System



This 10lb. SFI 17.1 system includes:


  • 1x Bottle - filled and pressurized with activation type of your choice*
  • 4x Nozzle
  • 3x Tee fitting
  • 1x Bulkhead fitting
  • 10ft Aluminum tubing
  • 2x Standard Bottle Mounts

  • SFI 17.1 certified systems use 3MTM NovecTM 
    1230 Fire Protection Fluid

    NovecTM 1230 Fluid is an ozone friendly, next generation, halon replacement gas that has excellent fire out properties, in addition to:


  • Non-toxic, so it's safe for the driver
  • Non-conductive, so it's safe on delicate electronics
  • No residue, it evaporates, so no clean up*
                           *Like residue matters after your Fiat has burned to a crisp.



    Please note: Fire systems are a new Lemons requirement as of 2019 and there is a lot of demand from people wanting to update their cars. Also, at this time Lifeline is only able to ship its systems via UPS Ground- do not select anything other than UPS Ground at checkout. Do not leave it until the last minute!

    SPA Technique equipment is shipped from the manufacturer in Indianapolis IN and supported by Zimmerman Motorsports in California.