Number Fix Kit (Fixes Three Digits)

Fix Kit - Replacement Number: 0


Need to swap out a number on your Apex Vinyl Lemons number set? Just grab one of these fix kits. It includes three blank vinyl squares and three single-digit numbers that you can apply to your existing number set. Select a replacement number from the menu. 

Numbers are made to order; please allow 2-3 days plus shipping time for completion.

PLEASE NOTE: Ordering vinyl numbers DOES NOT reserve your number for the race. You must reserve your number on your online race registration page for EACH event you're entering before purchasing vinyl numbers. Numbers do not carry over from race to race. Numbers are non-returnable, so you are outta luck if you purchase them but do not reserve your number online. If your desired number does not appear on your race registration page, that means it's been snagged by another team.