Lemons-Legal Significantly Better "Everything" Kit

Suit Size: S


Upgrade from the regular package by adding a superlight, super-comfy 2-layer SFI-5 suit! 

Package includes all the personal driver gear needed to pass Lemons tech. Everything's pre-OK'd, just show it and go. The Significantly Better Kit adds a lightweight, breathable, multilayer SFI-5 suit and topline SFI-5 gloves. (The more layers you have, the longer the gear is supposed to protect you.)

The Suit: Sparco Sprint Racing Suit (2-layer Nomex, FIA & SFI 3.2A/5 rated driving suit). Fire-resistant longjohns are not required with SFI-5 suits, but we include a set anyway for additional protection. Full floating arms and multiple stretch panels; hidden pockets; boot-style NASCAR legs with internal safety cuffs.

The Helmet: HJC H10 SA2020 Rated Helmet (Lightweight, Lemons-legal SA2020 full-face). Advanced ventilation system for reduced fogging; pre-drilled for head-and-neck restraint devices. Add aluminum foil to protect brain from space signals. 

The Gloves: Pyrotect SFI-5 Racing Gloves. Two-layer Nomex/pigskin gloves, rated SFI-5.

The Shoes: Sparco Race-2 SFI Racing Shoes. Leather/Nomex/rubber racing shoe rated SFI 3.3/5. Impress the hell out of people at the next Iron John fire-walking convention.

The Socks: Nomex "Xtra Heavy Duty" socks.