NecksGen REV

Size: Large - max neck diameter 7.0+" - for use with 2 or 3" shoulder harnesses
Hardware: Single set of Helmet Hardware - Included


The NecksGen REV is one of the leading SFI 38.1 head-and-neck restraint devices on the market. It has easy-to-use and -install helmet mounting hardware, the belt guides are good, and it isn't as bulky and stiff as most other brands. 

NOTE: Each SFI 38.1 Head and Neck Restraint System has their own proprietary anchoring hardware. Regardless of brand (Z-Tech, NecksGen etc.) please ensure you choose the correct corresponding hardware.

The REV comes in three sizes for comfort: Pencil-necks (3-4" neck diameter) will like Small. Normal folks (4-5" neck diameter) tend to go Medium. Total gargantuoids (5-6" neck diameter) will wanna go Large. If you're right on the edge, go with the bigger size. Medium and Large can be used with 2- or 3-inch shoulder harnesses; Small is for 2-inch harnesses only. As with all head-and-neck devices, you'll need to add the included mounting hardware to your helmet. Easy instructions come in the package.

Assuming your drivers' neck sizes are similar, the device can be shared among multiple drivers as long as each driver's helmet has the necessary mounting hardware.