Pyrotect Sportsman Deluxe SFI-5 Three-Layer One-Piece Suit

Size: S


If you're just starting out and need all of the Lemons-required driver gear, please check out our all-in-one kits.

The Pyrotect SportsMan Deluxe, Triple Layer, SFI 3.2A/5, One Piece Drivers Suit is Pyrotect's most budget-friendly SFI-5 rated suit. It's three-layer FR material isn't quite as lightweight and breathable as the Nomex material used in the SportsMan Deluxe two-layer suit, but it comes with a price that won't break the bank. It features:

Knit Lined Collar
Box Quilting
360° Vented Arm Attachment
Hidden Slash Pockets
Vented waist Expansion Panel
Hidden Boot Cuffs
Arm Accent Piping